About The MOB

The MOB / Sober Sprint is a guided online programme to support and inspire your month off booze

  • Concerned about how much you are drinking?
  • Want to know if you can feel better and do more without alcohol?
  • Feeling OK with your drinking, but feel in need of a health-kick?
  • Happy with your drinking but looking for a personal challenge?

Whatever your reasons for taking a Month Off Booze, changing your habits to live a healthier life can be difficult when you try to do it alone.

The MOB spans 30 days, from planning and preparing, to offering structure and support to make it a success along the way, and deciding what to do at the end of your alcohol-free month.

What joining the MOB means:

  • 30 days of emails and blogs packed full of tools to plan your MOB and tips to make it happen.
  • Videos with Helen, Laura and Jussi, and special guests, guiding you through the tools and techniques, and answering your questions.
  • Goal setting and a place to update your progress on Club Soda online.
  • Chat with others doing the MOB on the private Facebook page.
  • Access to Club Soda pub socials near you*
  • Lifetime access to all the materials once your MOB has finished.

Leaders of the MOB

The MOB has been developed by Helen O’Connor, a qualified psychologist with experience and training in areas such as health behaviour change, psychology, and addiction, and Laura and Jussi from Club Soda, who have personal experience of changing their drinking – which is why they set up Club Soda.

We take helping you change your drinking really seriously. Se we welcome your feedback and ideas.