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MOB Essentials

Basics The MOB is also called a Sober Sprint – this is because originally the programme was called the MOB...

How to raise drinking with your doctor

Dr Eric Britton is a GP and Partner at Lonsdale Medical Centre, Programme Director St Mary’s GP Specialty Training Scheme...

Video – Practicalities and reasons for setting goals

In October 2015 we recorded our webinars. Here is what we had to say on this topic then. Practicalities and reasons...

Day 1 – Set your intention and stay in the day

We’re not sure what time of day you will be putting aside to read your Sober Sprint content from us...

Using gadgets during your MOB

Using gadgets during your MOB

I like a gadget me. Be it something physical or an app, I feel hopeful and aspirational when I buy...

Video – Survival kit, sleep, freebies, friends and distractions

What we have in our survival kit (9 mins) The best distractions (7 mins) Freebies and Food (13 mins)

Preparing your survival kit

The whole point of the planning before your actual Month Off Booze begins is to get you thinking about your...

Free trials to distract you … yes you!

Free trials to distract you … yes you!

As changing your drinking involves a lot of distracting yourself (and gives you a whole lot nice new free time,...

Video – Rituals, distraction and perfection

October 2015 MOB video with Laura, Helen and Sam, on “rituals, distractions and perfection” (10 mins).

Video – Coping Strategies (10 mins)

Video – Dealing with Discomfort (8 mins)

Video – Quantified self (6 mins)

Video – Dealing with FOMO

Video – Alcohol and decision making (8 mins)

Day 16 – Dealing with stress without alcohol

Stress Life is stressful, isn’t it? Stress and anxiety are common phenomena in our societies, cited as some of the...

Video – Feelings, Mood and Stress (18 mins)

Video – Stress and Gong Baths (4 mins)

What Alcohol does to your Teeth

Meet our guest bloggers Toothpick, the UK’s largest database to find and book a dentist appointment. When we think alcohol,...

Video – Friends

Friends and your Sober Sprint / MOB (5 mins) Dealing with persistent mates (7 mins)

Video – How to refuse a drink (9 mins)

Video – Being social and weight-loss (17 mins)

Video – Food and drink with Sam (25 mins)

Food and cravings – 3 mins

Video – Motivation (7 mins)

Video – Calories, energy, productivity & motivation (11 mins)

Motivation (7 mins)

Favourites: Laura – Kombucha

I have to confess, it took me a while to discover Kombucha (despite many great adventures with new drinks since...

Video – Ambivalence (6.5m)

(I know I spelt it wrong on the video!)

Video – Confidence and Strengths (10 mins)

Video – Values (8.5m)

Video – What Next (12 mins)