Video – Practicalities and reasons for setting goals

In October 2015 we recorded our webinars. Here is what we had to say on this topic then. Practicalities and reasons...

Video – Survival kit, sleep, freebies, friends and distractions

What we have in our survival kit (9 mins) The best distractions (7 mins) Freebies and Food (13 mins)

Video – Rituals, distraction and perfection

October 2015 MOB video with Laura, Helen and Sam, on “rituals, distractions and perfection” (10 mins).

Video – Coping Strategies (10 mins)

Video – Dealing with Discomfort (8 mins)

Video – Quantified self (6 mins)

Video – Alcohol and decision making (8 mins)

Video – Feelings, Mood and Stress (18 mins)

Video – Friends

Friends and your Sober Sprint / MOB (5 mins) Dealing with persistent mates (7 mins)

Video – How to refuse a drink (9 mins)

Video – Being social and weight-loss (17 mins)

Video – Food and drink with Sam (25 mins)

Food and cravings – 3 mins

Video – Calories, energy, productivity & motivation (11 mins)

Motivation (7 mins)

Video – Ambivalence (6.5m)

(I know I spelt it wrong on the video!)

Video – Confidence and Strengths (10 mins)

Video – Values (8.5m)

Video – What Next (12 mins)