Day 1 – Set your intention and stay in the day

We’re not sure what time of day you will be putting aside to read your Sober Sprint content from us – or where you are when you read them – but we do want to say HAVE A GREAT SOBER SPRINT!

We would say ‘good luck’ but we don’t believe in luck. A successful Sober Sprint is about preparing and implementing plans and strategies that will help you avoid alcohol and cope with alcohol cravings. Hopefully you will feel better for it, and learn something about your relationship with alcohol along the way.

It’s time to hit the reset button and make sure your starting goals are in place.

cementing day 1Stay with today

Staying in the day helps us to avoid over-thinking and jumping ahead of ourselves.

So take one day at a time. Read about, and do the daily MOB ritual every day to recommit and refocus on having an alcohol-free day today and to look at the immediate issues you need to tackle, and steps you need to take to make today a success.

Every single time you negotiate a difficult situation, resist an urge, decline a drink, or respond differently to negative thoughts or emotions, you will have learnt a new skill. And you can use that skill tomorrow – when tomorrow comes!

Remember the positiimagesve payoffs

The first stage in the daily ritual is to imagine yourself experiencing one of the positive outcomes of having an alcohol-free day. Payoffs of having an alcohol free day today could be…a sense of pride at overcoming temptation…feeling fresher or more rested…getting better quality/more sleep…making healthier food choices…finishing off a work project or household task.

Focusing on the daily payoffs will help you achieve the ultimate payoff – a successful MOB.

However much they tried to talk themselves out of it, or grumbled whilst they were there, no one ever says after a gym workout ‘I really regret that, I wish I hadn’t gone to the gym’. 

We don’t think you will look back and regret your MOB either – even if you do grumble a bit along the way, feel as though you are missing out, even attempt to convince yourself to abandon your MOB early. Quite a few of the daily emails you will get during your MOB are about recognising when our thinking is illogical or unhelpful, and learning to switch that thinking and ‘inner voice’ to something more logical and helpful.

Your actions for today

Read about the daily ritual, and decide how you will use it during your MOB.

Make sure you’ve done all of your homework from the Welcome Day (day minus 3) if you haven’t already.

Need an extra boost?

Read our “10 quick ways to start your MOB” post and get your MOB off to a flying start!

Coming up

Tomorrow we begin the hard work (not really!) and ask: What kind of drinker are you?

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