Diet and Low Sugar Sodas

Alcohol is very high in calories and by cutting it out of your diet you might lose some weight. However, if you’re just replacing it with sugary soft drinks you may see less benefit. There’s some uncertainty about whether or not drinking diet sodas will actually help you to lose weight, the best thing is to use sugary sodas as an occasional treat and monitor the sugar in your diet. But if you are watching your sugar or if you are diabetic we have some great soft drink options for you.


Fever Tree Naturally Light Ginger Beer

Calories 19 Kcal per 100ml (95 per 500ml bottle)

Available From most major supermarkets

Price £1.69 500ml

Fever Tree uses Fructose which is the sweetest of the naturally occurring carbohydrates, almost twice as sweet as sucrose. This means it doesn’t contain artificial sweeteners but also makes it higher in calories than some of the other offerings. Currently Ginger Beer is the only flavour with a light version but it is widely available and very tasty! It’s a little less sweet than the normal Ginger Beer, but that’s not always a bad thing.


Breckland Orchard Posh Pops Lighter

Calories 0, 3 or 5 Kcal per bottle depending on flavour

Available Online or in farm shops, cafés, delis, coffee shops and fine food halls right across the UK .

Price £1.60 275ml

Breckland Orchard have recently introduced a new line of lighter Posh Pops sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame K which makes them suitable for diabetics. Currently you can get Elderflower, Ginger Beer with Chilli, and Lemonade. Breckland Orchard make great adult soft drinks with no artificial colours or flavourings and they have one of the best selections of diet drinks.


POW Sparkling Energy Water

Calories 12Kcal per 100ml (53 per bottle)POW Sparkling Energy Water Coconut & Lime

Available Waitrose, bp, Superdrug

Price £1.00 440ml

POW is a new take on energy drinks. It’s low in calories and made with real fruit. Pow is sweetened with stevia (stevia is the go to ‘natural’ sweetener because it comes from a plant) and contains added ginseng root and vitamin B. It also contains caffeine and mineral salts to give you energy and help hydrate you. Their are three flavours available, Cranberry and Apple, Citrus Zest, and Coconut and Lime. Citrus Zest sounds and smells a bit like washing up liquid but generally these are pretty pleasing offerings.


SobrietySobriety Drinks

Calories: Less than 1 Kcal per bottle

Available: Find a stockist here

Price: £1.95  330ml

Each drink contains less than 1 calorie. Beautifully presented in an environmentally friendly glass bottle, these drinks mimic the flavours of your favourite tipples. Right now you can get Juniper and Tonics or Rosé. Maybe it’s not exactly like the real thing but it’s a pretty sophisticated soft drink for a sober Sunday afternoon. 

Also available in Sparkling Cider and Sparkling Elderflower flavours.



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