Drinking Random Plants: Aloe Vera

Today, in random plants someone out there expects you to drink, we’re looking at Aloe Vera.

Isn’t that the stuff you put on burns?

Yes, but you can also drink it. Increasingly it’s been sold as an extract or added to various health drinks.

Why would you drink Aloe Vera?

Aloe Vera juice contains a lot of vitamins and minerals as well as folic acid. There is also some evidence to suggest that it might be effective in reducing blood glucose in diabetics as well as helping with the healing of stomach ulcers.

So all good?

Well, overdoing it on the Aloe Vera can cause stomach cramps and diarrhea, so don’t start downing the stuff.

What is an Aloe Vera drink like?

ALO sells all natural Aloe Vera drinks made with Aloe Vera pulp and juice and sweetened with sugar. There are mysterious chunks floating in the drink. These are bits of Aloe Vera. If you don’t like pulp you will not like this. There are a range of flavours with mango coming out a strong favourite. Tastes like a sweet, oddly chewy, mango flavoured drink.

How much sugar?

Works out around 50-80Kcal per serving which is not especially low.

Where can I get it

Holland and Barrett, Asda, Whole Food and health shops nationwide, £1.95 for 500ml.

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