Drinking Random Plants: Chlorophyll


Welcome back to our popular feature on drinking random plants

Technically this isn’t a plant it’s more of a plant part. But come on, drinking chlorophyll has to qualify.

Chlorophyll as in the stuff that makes plants green?

A++ you have passed your biology GCSE.

Why would you want to drink that?

Drink of the gods. And by gods I mean Jennifer Lawrence.

But what does it do?

“In addition to being nutritionally fabulous for you, chlorophyll is a detoxifier that promotes energy and weight loss”, says Los Angeles-based holistic nutritionist Elissa Goodman. Has that got you all convinced? No? Anyone?


Although I did read you can use it as an internal deodorant, which is frankly fascinating and just what I need to survive a winter of commuting in London. However that also seems unlikely to be true.

So what does it actually do?

Makes you sensitive to sunlight, apparently.

Where can I get it?

From Amazon or from online health shops £12.11 for 473ml, a serving is about 5ml.

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