Elderflower: Five of the Best

Elderflower is everywhere. Look up any of the drinks producers I’ve mentioned so far and I pretty much guarantee there will be something with elderflower, I’ve been trying to limit how much I actually talk about it. I mean yes, elderflower fizz does look a bit like champagne but that alone cannot totally explain the appeal. I guess maybe it sounds wholesome and old fashioned whilst tasting decidedly unchallenging. Now I’ve finished damming all things elderflower with faint praise I’d like to introduce you to five of the best:


Firefly Pomegranate and Elderflower Available from Ocado and Waitrose £1.55 for 330ml.

Firefly Pomegranate and Elderflower is actually a kind of energy drink, it contains our old friend the kola nut as well as rosemary, chili and a whole bunch of other stuff I wasn’t really expecting. As far as energy drinks go it’s not got a lot of caffeine and sugar, it’s more of a gentle pick me up than a rocket fuel. There’s no added sugar or artificial colours or flavourings and it tastes a lot like elderflower considering how much else is going on flavour wise.



Dalyesford Organic Apple and Elderflower Juice Available from Ocado £3.99 for 1L.

Dalyesford have been farming organically for over 35 years. Their ingredients come straight from the farm and they have a commitment to sustainable farming. Their Apple and Elderflower juice is simply 90% hand picked apples to 10% elderflower cordial, no artificial colours or sweeteners. It is pressed in small batches on the farm in Kent.


Norfolk Cordial Wild Elderflower Available Online, on Amazon, and in delis, cafes and pubs, especially in Norfolk. £3.95 for 250ml – dilute 1 part cordial to 10 parts water.

Norfolk cordials got started selling cordial as a non-alcoholic alternative to local pubs. Founder, John McFarlane, noticed the absence of great non alcoholic drinks options on offer in most pubs and decided to help fill the gap. Norfolk Cordials only use fresh fruit and flowers sourced in Norfolk to make grown up drinks. They contain no colourings, flavourings, concentrates or preservatives. This cordial is a deep gold colour with a fresh almost minty finish and some sour notes from the lemon added to counterbalance the sweetness of elderflower.


Whole Earth Organic Sparkling Elderflower Available Online and on Amazon, 99p per 330ml.

This is another organic offering. It’s light and refreshing and is sweetened with agave syrup. It contains only natural flavourings and no artificial colours or preservatives. It’s gently sparkling and a perfect treat for a summer evening.


Cornish Orchards Elderflower Presse Available online and at cafes, delis and pubs around Cornwall £2.25 for 750ml.

Cornish Orchards is a cider orchard but they also produce some great soft drinks including this Elderflower Presse. It’s made with no artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners and won a Great Taste award in 2011. It would make a great non alcoholic alternative option for weddings and parties. Also it is from the greatest county in the UK.


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