Favourites: Jussi


What would you say to a drink that has no calories, zero sugar, no additives? And is also pretty much the only drink that is actually good, rather than bad, for your teeth (at least in places where fluoride is added to the supply)?

Yes, my favourite drink when out on the town is a classic. It is such a classic that it has been drunk ever since taps were invented. And an earlier version (tap-free, if you like) has been in existence more or less ever since the world began. You can find it in any pub and bar, and most homes also serve it. You can’t buy it in shops, although you can often find more expensive alternatives. I am of course talking about tap water. Which is also a great option for any, shall we say, budget conscious drinker, since it’s totally free as well.

I’ve yet to come across a tap tap water based mocktail, but cocktails with alcohol and tap water do exist! For further reading, take a side in the age-old debate about whose tap water tastes the best, or read some tap water inspired poetry.

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