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I have to confess, it took me a while to discover Kombucha (despite many great adventures with new drinks since quitting) and now I am hooked!

For me it’s the nearest I have come to a scrumpy cider. I used to give people a pretty withering look when in response to my moans about the lack of a non-alcoholic cider they suggested Appletize. I am a West Country girl, even when drinking I did not consider a Magners with ice proper cider – apple juice therefore would just not cut it!  

So I now have a Kombucha every day as a bit of a treat. Unlike scrumpy cider that rots your guts, Kombucha is actually good for them. Hoorah!

What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is basically a fermented and sweetened black or green tea drink originating from Japan. It’s the brewing process that distinguishes it from fizzy pop!

Love Kombucha say: “It is made by adding a live culture to sweetened green tea. The culture consumes the tea and sugar and creates Kombucha!”

You can even make your own. Although the process is not for those with a weak stomach. It makes traditional cider making look tame.

Is it good for you?

It basically sits in the same category of health claims as other live and fermented foods such as sauerkraut and live yoghurt.

Kombucha tea is thought to be effective in lowering cholesterol and blood pressure, helping stabilize blood glucose levels, boosting energy, softening veins, stimulating the glandular system, improving digestion, increasing the circulatory system, cleansing the gallbladder and accelerating the body’s overall healing process.

Which are the best and where can you get them?

Love Kombucha are a great Berkshire based company who pimp their Kombucha with some great superfoods. I like the ginger in particular, and the bigger bottles are great value for money.

They will also deliver you a monthly supply, so no need to clean out your local health food store (which I have done more than once).



Bristol’s Pioneers – A new addition to the Kombucha club and now can’t quite claim to be non-alcoholic – it just weighed in at 1.7% abv – so maybe one for after your Sober Sprint. I invested in a box as part of their crowdfunding campaign. It lasted two weeks! [now I know the abv I think I know why I got through it so fast!]  A darker product to Love Kombucha with a stronger taste due to the fact it uses a blend of green, black and redbush tea. Their ‘Grace’ brand (made from white tea) is coming soon too. Available in quite a few places in the Bristol area and you can order online.

Ucha Kombucha – I particularly like their version spiked with Yerba Mate for an energy kick.

They have a handy postcode locator on their website, and can also be bought in Wholefoods and other health food stores.

You can brew your own!

IMG_4702I have just started and need to wait a few more days before I can taste. But here are some good instructions and here is a picture of one of my 3 SCOBY’s – this one is called Gladys! It works out a lot cheaper.



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