Free trials to distract you … yes you!

As changing your drinking involves a lot of distracting yourself (and gives you a whole lot nice new free time, it’s worth getting some freebies to help you along the way. Here are our top tips for maxing out free trials for the rest of your Month Off Booze!

Body and mind

Headspace app’s 10 day free trial will give you enough time to give mindfulness a go and see if it can help. Journalist Polly Vernon found it was great for her when she was changing her drinking.

Our friends at Movement for Modern Life offer a 14 day free trial for you to try yoga, mindfulness, and stretching at home. The 20 minute deep stretch classes are great for distracting me from everything else and feeling like I have had some “me time”!

If your Month Off Booze is part of a health kick, then beginning to track your calories, exercise and weight could give you an extra boost. Nutracheck offer a 5 day free trial.

Many gyms do short free trials. Stack several of them together if you can, and you may just get a few weeks worth of free gym time. Here are our top picks:

Nuffield – 1 day

Fitness First – 3 days

LA Fitness – 1 day

British Military Fitness – 1 class

Check out your local council gym as well. They tend not to have long binding contracts, and often have all sorts of deals on offer for local residents.

There are plenty of free running clubs. Nike, Sweaty Betty and Sweatshop all have countrywide running sessions starting and ending at your closest store, set at different paces. You just show up and get pounding. Or plodding.

Books, films, music and games

Planning to binge on box-sets or curl up under the duvet with a good book?

Netflix offer a free month – so you can get through an entire series or two! gives you a free audio book download when you sign up. I recommend buying a long one to get value for no-money – although at 61 hours War and Peace may be a bit too much!

And if you are a bit of a gamer, then Playstation Plus do a 14 day free trial too.

Need to get your day off on the right note? You could use Spotify’s 30 day trial to make a sober playlist!

Food and drink

Sam, Club Soda’s expert nutritionist is offering a discount of 50% off her 6 week nutrition consultation package for MOBbers. Contact her on

You can get a free Tastecard for 30 days. It gives you a 50% discount on lots of fancy-pants restaurants. So grab a friend, get out the house, and see how cheap dining out is when you are just drinking tap water!

Pact Coffee offer you your first month’s coffee for just £1, and Club Soda member Shaun Fennings has healthy coffees on special offer for our members too (it was his tipple of choice when giving up).

Those healthy treaty nutty types Graze give you the first box of treats for free. And Abel and Cole give you a third off your 1st and 4th box of healthy grub.

Going out

Whilst not free, Frugal lists everything in London that is under a tenner. Look online or download the app.

Meet up is still our go-to place to find non-boozy get-togethers anywhere in the world, many of which are free.

Londonist lists free and cheap events in London, and you can find equivalent sites in Manchester and Birmingham and elsewhere as well.


Book a free makeover. Most counters in department stores and places like MAC do it – so work that freebie. Here is the one they do in the Body Shop.

We did do a Google for free massage but, well, the results were a little dodgy…

Learn new things

Skillshare has awesome courses designed by experts in their own fields – you can pay just $0.99 for 3 months’ access.

Udemy is a similar platform and once you have signed up (which is free) there are lots of courses for free and on special offer.

Tell us what else you have found and we will update the list!

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  • Check out FutureLearn and Coursera for free university level online courses.
    I have done several both for CPD and just for interest sake and the quality is really good.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Parkrun is also free. It’s a timed 5k run in the park on a Saturday morning. They have them all over the world! While more of a race than a running club, there’s a real sense of community about them. 🙂

  • Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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