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mates redIt won’t surprise anyone to hear that it’s easier to change habits when you do it with someone else. That is what the MOB is all about – taking a month off together, sharing the highs and the lows, supporting each other.

And when it comes to drinking, it may be just that little bit harder to change your habits. Not only does our social life tend to revolve around places that serve nice large glasses of wine, but the peer pressure works in the other direction: “Go on – just have one – it’s a Friday!” So even if you have people who support you, there is often someone else lurking in the other direction actively tempting you back.

This is why we have created the private Facebook group. So that the friends to support you whilst you stop for a bit are always there. We are all part of the same Club.

togetherIf you are struggling, want to share your tips and tricks, get advice, or tell us about something wonderful that happened, then please share it in the private Facebook group.

By posting just a line or two, you can probably find another member with a snippet of advice, a similar experience, or just a sympathetic ear. This is not the Guardian, we are not after lengthy and poetic prose. We want to know about you. Typos, grammatical errors and all! And it would be great if people introduced themselves in the room at the beginning of the month.

The theory stuff around behaviour change says that sharing with others and writing about your experience will make it more likely you will succeed in achieving your goals. So give it a whirl – you may surprise yourself.

PS – If you have problems with anything on the Club Soda website, feel free to email us.

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  • Diana Zybala
    3 years ago

    I was expecting a private FB group for this course….like we had in the Christmas group….it seems it is the general Club Soda group. Is this so? I went on there and didn’t feel as though I wanted to post about the things we are discussing.

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