Do you remember when fruit juice was healthy? I think it was sometime around when Clueless came out. Now it’s all is that cold pressed? Organic? Aren’t you supposed to be eating your fruit and juicing your veg? Anyway, here is our guide to fruit and vegetable juices to get you through the month.

Cawston press

Available from Waitrose, Tesco and Asda £2.19 for 1L

Cawston Press makes a range of not from concentrate juices based around apples. Apple and everything from apple and elderflower to apple and beetroot. Their drinks are free from added sugar and contain purely natural ingredients. They also taste pretty good, if that matters. The Apple and Beetroot might divide palates, but the Apple and Ginger is a pretty solid bet.

The Berry Company

Available from Waitrose, Holland and Barrett, Sainsbury’s and Ocado £2.20 for 1L

Surprisingly enough the berry company specialises in berry blends. From the normal, blueberry and cranberry, to the exotic, Acai or Goji berry. They contain no artificial sweeteners, colours or additives, though some of the juices used are from concentrate. The more unusual offerings are normally blended with something else (like Acai and Raspberry) which is probably a good thing as Acai has a pretty unique flavour on its own.

Chegworth Valley

Available online or from London stores in Borough Market and Notting Hill. £10.95 5L

Chegworth Valley make organic pressed apple and fruit juices. Their drinks have no added sugar and are quite different from a lot of juices available on the market. If you like sweeter juices these may not be for you, you also need to buy in bulk if you can’t reach a shop or farmer’s market. However if you do find a lot of juices overly sweet and lacking in real fruit flavour this is a great one to try.

Bumbleberry JuiceFrobishers

Available online and in some cafes, pubs and delis. £26 per case.

Well gosh the packaging is cute. These not from concentrate juices have possibly the best range when it comes to purely fruit juices. They have won a whole bundle of Great Taste awards and contain no artificial colours, sugars, flavours or preservatives.

James White Beet It with Ginger 75cl glass bottle

Available from Tesco, Waitrose, Ocado and Sainsbury’s £2.75 for 1L

These organicIMG_0422 farm pressed juices use filtration techniques from the world of winemaking to make beautiful clear juices. Their beetroot juice is oddly popular, so if you are looking for one to try this might be the one for you. They even have a beetroot shot 98% beetroot juice 2% lemon juice, for if, you know, you don’t want to drink tequila but still want to pull that face. Seriously it is like being punched in the mouth with vinegar and dirt.

To illustrate here is a picture of Jussi trying it. Note the fear in his eyes.

I asked the girl on the stand why anyone would do this to themselves other than an overwhelming sense of ennui. Something to do with nitrates. I thought they just made plants grow but apparently they also either cause cancer or make you good at sports. If anyone with some sort of degree in nutrition would like to comment that would be aces.

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