Kick Start Your Month Off: Chili Drinks

That’s a pun because this is about drinks with chilli.

Chili is a great way to mark a soft drink out as a properly adult option. And also something to keep you warm and your palate interested into the New Year.


Breckland Orchard Ginger Beer with Chilli

You can buy online here, at hinderfoods or at delis, cafes and gastropubs nationwide. Price:£1.46

Spicy soft drinks are, in some ways, quite a familiar concept. We have a whole article of excellent Ginger Beers.  However, in this article we’re looking for something with even more of a kick. You know, like a ginger beer with chilli. Which, as luck would have it, is exactly what Breckland Orchard are making, making and winning awards for. This drink has a great balance of sweetness and spice with an extra kick of chilli on the finish. Sure to be a favorite.


Nix and Kix Cool Cucumber & Fresh Mint

Available online here £19.95 for 12 x 275ml bottles

That should really be ‘Cool Cucumber and Fresh Mint and Cayenne’ because the Kixs in the name stards for ‘chilli with everything’.  If you’re getting a bit tired of ginger beer this could be the perfect drink for you. We did a bit of a Club Soda tasting of the three flavours (Succulent Peach and Smooth Vanilla, Cool Cucumber and Fresh Mint, and Rich Mango and Zingy Ginger). Surprisingly cucumber was the runaway winner. It’s refreshing with a tingle of warmth that isn’t overpowering.



Plenish Kick Organic Spicy Lemonade Cold Pressed Juice

Available from Ocado £5.95 for 250ml

This is expensive because it’s supposed to be good for you. Chilli has a reputation for increasing your metabolism and aiding weigh tloss. I’m not going to weigh in on whether that’s true or not because I don’t really know. It contains no added sugar, all the sweetness comes from ‘nectar’. I have no real idea what that means and googling it is not helpful, but there are 14 calories per 100ml anyway. Reviews are mixed, it’s very chilli-ish and not at all like a traditional soft drink. If ‘not at all like a traditional soft drink’ is what you’re looking for this might very well be the pick for you.


Teapigs Chilli Chai

Available from Ocado £4.15 for 15 bags.

I am contractually obliged to work in tea wherever possible. Chai is a delicious blend of tea and spices and therefore easy to pep up with a little additional spice. Teapigs only use whole leaf tea in their tea bags, not the dust found in most commercial brands. If you’re looking for something to warm you up and see you safe through cold season this is the perfect choice.

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