Drinking Random Plants: Olive Leaves

Hey, want to know what the hot new thing you should be drinking is?


Well I want to tell you.

It’s olive leaves.

You know how olive oil is supposed to be good for you? Well apparently olive leaves are somehow even better. Because… something about anti-oxidants and the Mediterranean diet. It’s good for your heart. I guarantee that I have researched that exactly as much as anyone else writing an article on this. Also it can cure the common cold. I know it sounds like I’m making that bit up to add a little hyperbolic flair, but check this quote:

‘Olive Leaf Is Proven To: …- Inhibit several cold and flu viruses, herpes simplex virus, HIV, Rotavirus and many bacteria, yeasts and parasites (in vitro)’

In vitro, which here means, ‘in a test tube not in a person so this proves nothing’.

Are you writing about this just to be snarky?

I am writing about this because I spend my time obsessively googling things like ‘drinks’, ‘drink ideas’ and ‘new health drinks’.

Is olive leaf extract good for me?

It contains lots of antioxidants and vitamin C, it’s unlikely to be bad for you. Here is a link that explains things.

Why is this a thing?

Ovio has a range of drinks with olive leaf extract and they seem to have some sort of publicity deal with the Mail Online.

What does it taste like?

Well if you make an olive leaf tea is tastes mild and slightly sweet with a vague oliveyness. You can also blend it with green tea or other flavourings in which case it will taste mostly of green tea. If you buy an Ovivo Olive and Calendula drink it tastes ‘ok when chilled’. If that’s not good enough for you Ocado are selling flavoured versions that taste like ‘Cool Cucumber and Juniper, Strawberry and Elderberry and Luscious Lemon and Mint.’

Where do I get it?

Boots, Ocado, Amazon, or you can get olive leaves from tea shops and health food shops for around £1.59.

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