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Cawston Press Sparkling Rhubarb
Available from: Ocado, Tesco, Sainsburys, Asda and WH Smiths. Price: 99p per can

This drink is made with 20% real fruit juice, and the tart rhubarb makes for a nice balance with the sweeter apple. Cawston Press uses fresh pressed juices and all natural ingredients, to make a range of sophisticated soft drinks as well as pure juices.

Breckland Orchard Dandelion and Burdock

You can buy online here, from Origin 8, from Hinder Foods, and at delis, cafes and gastropubs nationwide. Price:£1.46 

This traditional drink is based on founder Claire Martinsen’s memories of the drinks her grandmother made. All Breckland Orchard’s drinks are made without artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners. The Dandelion and Burdock tastes of anise and wintergreen with a touch of honey.

Rochester Premium Cranberry and Raspberry
Available on Vitaminbay and on Amazon

Rochester drinks do a range of soft drinks which are free from artificial ingredients. Flavours include Raspberry Lemonade, Dry Elderflower, Blood Orange and Mandarin and Raspberry and Cranberry. The Cranberry and Raspberry is fruity and refreshing.


Square Root London Rhubarb SodaCIb2mUTW8AAX2ba
Available online here and at Square Root’s own shop/cafe in Hackney.

Root beer and seasonal sodas. Square Root is all about hand-making sodas from natural, and frequently seasonal, ingredients. What they have on offer varies a bit depending on the time of year from Raspberry Lemonade, to Rhubarb to Cucumber, there is always something new on offer. Additionally there is a standard line including tonics, cola, lemonade and ginger beer.

Lovely Drinks Rose and Elderflower
Find  out how to order in your area here. Lovely Drinks are also available from The Foodie Bugle Shop and The Wight Bear Alehouse  in Bournemouth £1.75 – £2.50

Lovely Drinks is a West Country producer that doesn’t use artificial flavourings or juices from concentrate. They have a range of drinks to suit all palates so it’s  easy to see why they’ve won 11 Great Taste Awards over the last five years. Including one for this Rose and Elderflower combination. It’s a nice twist on the ubiquitous sparkling Elderflower and perfect for a special occasion.



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