At Club Soda we believe in the potential of shared experiences to change your drinking. Because this may involve you sharing sensitive information about your life and health, we also believe in the importance of clear and transparent privacy guidelines. As a user it’s important that you know how we use and share your data, and how you can control what happens to information you share in Club Soda.

Here’s our privacy statement, and a guide for our members.

1. Sharing and Controlling Information

What is Club Soda?

Club Soda Limited is registered in England and Wales under company number 08962532. Its registered office address is 30 Opus Studios, 214 Plaistow Road, London E13 0AQ, United Kingdom.

Who can see my personal identifiable information?

None of your personally identifiable information (i.e. email address, postcode/zipcode, date of birth) is ever visible to other users or third parties without your explicit consent. We encourage you to choose a non-identifiable username as this is visible to other users.

Who can see the blogs and questions I write?

You always choose which groups of users can see the posts and questions you publish. You can either restrict your post to just yourself, or to other users of the particular Club Soda room on which you are posting, or to share it with others on the web. If there is anything that you are not comfortable sharing with the Club Soda community, you should not include it in your posts, questions, comments, answers and so on.

Who can see my non-personally identifiable information?

Club Soda may anonymize and aggregate information collected through the site (e.g. polls, surveys, etc). This information may then be published as a study or shared with our research partners. You can always control whether your information is used in this way by following the instructions below.

Can I control who sees my information?

You always control who can see your information and how it is used. You can change your data sharing settings at any time, to stop sharing your information with our research partners. You will still be able to use our site.

Will I be contacted for research purposes?

We may contact you for research purposes, such as taking part in surveys or helping us improve the behaviour change techniques we offer. In this case it will always be Club Soda that contacts you, not a research partner directly, as we will never share your email address or other details with third parties. You can opt out of being contacted for research purposes at any time.

2. Who can access information and how

Club Soda use of data

We will use the data from our website to improve our service. This includes usage statistics, and analysis and evaluations of how our members use the service. The results and findings from these may be shared internally at Club Soda, with our funders and other stakeholders, or with the general public. No identifiable personal information will ever be shared.

Partner organisations and other affiliates

We may give our partner organisations and other affiliates access to anonymised and aggregated data from Club Soda about members who have chosen to share their data. An affiliate refers to any expert member, non-profit health organisation, patient group, individual, hospital, or medical professional with which Club Soda is in partnership and who has agreed to and filled out the Terms of Engagement for expert members or perk providers. Just to be clear: we will not share your personal information.

Expert members

Club Soda welcomes professionals from all sorts of disciplines to become members in their own right. However, if you want to offer your services to members, we ask that you also join as an Expert Member and sign up to the Terms of Engagement for expert members or perk providers.

If you are working with an expert member to change your drinking, we will not disclose any of your private information to them. You may however choose to share your information with them.

Institutions and Industry

Health Institutions (e.g. NHS or Department of Health), universities and our funders may want to use Club Soda for research purposes. This may be analysis of data submitted by users of the Club Soda service, or through more structured studies with volunteer members. This only happens where users give their consent to share such information, and users can always opt out at any time as set out above.

Membership fees and financial data

Club Soda does not store any of your financial details, such as bank account or credit card numbers. Payments, such as monthly membership fees, to Club Soda are made via third parties who do not share your financial details with us. Please note that these online payment providers have their own terms and conditions and privacy policies.

3. The Club Soda business model

The Club Soda basic services are available by subscription for members and expert members. There is a restricted option available for free for guest members.

Perk providers and the bookshop may pay us an affiliate fee if you click through and/or use their services. We charge for events and socials. We do not sell your data to third parties.

4. Privacy and Security

Club Soda applies industry standard security features. Our service is hosted on third party servers, and we have contracts in place with our service providers which require them to implement security measures to protect the data they hold. Our website and membership database is hosted in a protected IT environment with regular backups to keep our (and your!) information safe and secure.

Does Club Soda use cookies or other tracker technologies?

Club Soda, like almost all websites, uses cookies to provide basic site functionality and to improve the performance and user experience throughout the site. We may also store encrypted information about you using cookies which we can access when you visit our site in the future. You can learn more about cookies here.

6. Communications With You

By becoming a Club Soda member, you agree that we may provide you with information about our site (whether by email or any other medium) that we consider appropriate. You may opt out of receiving these materials and notifications in the “Settings” area of your account or by writing to or emailing us to inform us that you wish to be removed from our contact list.

7. If you need more information

How do I make a subject access request?

You have the right under the Data Protection Act 1998 to ask for a copy of the information we hold about you and to have any inaccuracies in your information corrected.  If you wish to make a subject access request we will ask you to:

  • Put your request in writing to Club Soda, 30 Opus Studios, 214 Plaistow Road, London E13 0AQ, United Kingdom.

  • Provide proof of identity including your name and postal address.

  • Pay a fee of £10.

For your security we will only send a response to a subject access request to you at your home address. You should also note that if we are unable to verify your identity, for example if you have signed up anonymously or if you use a different name to do so, it may not be possible to provide you with the information requested. For further information please email

I want to make a complaint about a privacy or information matter

If you want to make a complaint related to privacy or our use of information, please email us at

Have additional questions?

Please email us at