Scotland Special Posh Pops from North of the Border

The further I dive into some sort of weird drinks rabbit hole the more amazing stuff I find. So here are three more awesome posh pops from Scotland and a little tribute to Scotland’s other national drink.



Find stockists here. You can also find Kitsch at Edinburgh Farmers Market on Saturdays at Castle Terrace and in selected cafes across Scotland. £2.50

Kitsch make small batches of seasonal, hand bottled craft sodas. Their flavours are interesting and original and their ingredients lists are short and sweet. Their current offerings include Rhubarb and Thai Basil, and Cucumber and Fennel Seed. The Rhubarb is a pretty pale pink and is pleasantly tart with a fragrant citrus edge from the Thai Basil. The Cucumber and Fennel is unique, I love cucumber but I sort of hate aniseed so it didn’t work for me. The addition of vinegar is kind of weird and brilliant but, side note, I eat balsamic and cucumber sandwiches so trust me/don’t trust me.


Summerhouse Drinks

Currently stocked in farm shops, delis and farmers markets across Scotland, RRP £3.95 for 750ml and £1.50 for 250ml. Find stockists here or buy online

Summerhouse Drinks are produced on a family farm with all natural ingredients. Their range is a variation on a lemony theme but as far as possible the ingredients are sourced locally. They have recently introduced a range of tonics as well. They offer not just Raspberry Lemonade but also Lavender Lemonade and Mint Lemonade.


Roots Soda

A list of stockists is available here £2.50

The great thing about all these Scottish softies is that they are 100% natural. No sweeteners, colours, flavourings, or anything else. Just fruit, sparkling water sugar and maybe a few herbs and spices. Roots currently have two offerings, ‘Hoodoo’  is made from citrus fruit, pomegranate, hibiscus, bell pepper and chilli. ‘Kaleidescope’ is their tribute to brief Scottish summers made from strawberry and orange with a twist of basil, balsamic vinegar and sea salt. It tastes a bit like complicated Fanta.


And finally…

Well we couldn’t do Scottish soft drinks and not say a word about Irn-Bru.

Reviewing actual Irn-Bru seemed a little off brand, so instead we’re reviewing:

Mr Fitzpatrick’s Iron Brew Cordial

 You can find stockists here or buy online here. It’s around £4.00 for 500ml of cordial.

Appearance wise it is (as it should be) impressively orange, flavour wise…well it tastes like Irn-Bru honestly, add some sparkling water and it would be hard to tell the difference.   


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