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Summerhouse Drinks

A 200ml bottle is around £1.50, you can buy it online from the Fresh Food Express farm shop.

Summerhouse Drinks were mentioned in our Scotland feature. They have recently introduced tonics to their range making them Scotland’s first tonic producer. Their ‘Walter Gregor’ tonic is named after a famous local figure in Aberdeenshire where Summerhouse Drinks are based. Their tonic is made in small batches with 100% natural ingredients. The tonic is fresh tasting, a little sharp but with a fairly mild quinine flavour.



Available from Ocado, Waitrose and Drinks Supermarket £3.29 for 4x200ml

Fentiman’s has hints of lemongrass and botanicals which add a nice zest to the tonic. They also have a light option and a Herbal Tonic which has some interesting floral notes.  Fentimans brew their all natural tonic water by combining lemon grass and quinine bark in an organic grain base.


Fever Tree

Available from most major supermarkets £1.50 for 200ml.

Fever Tree started the tonic revolution and are now pretty widely available. It has a crisp refreshing taste, and they now offer a wide range of tonics, including Elderflower Tonic water and Mediterranean Tonic water with lemon and rosemary.



Available from online stores like The Drinks Shop, The Champagne Company and Gin Foundry £1.35 for 200ml

The number 1742 refers to the height above sea level on the Peruvian Inca Trail from where the quinine is hand picked for the tonic. It has a crystal clear appearance and smooth taste. Palate cleansing but not overwhelmingly bitter.


Thomas Henry

Available online £1.90 for 200ml

Though these are German, ‘Thomas Henry’ himself was from Manchester. He was an apothecary who is credited with producing the first carbonated water. This has a definite bitter edge as well as a crisp citrus aroma. A nice clean tasting, easy to drink tonic.


Peter Spanton

Available from Aqua Amore £1.55 for 200ml

Peter Spanton do a range of tonic waters, the best of which is the Cardamom Tonic, it has a subtle lemon note as well as a whiff of cardamom on the finish. A unique twist on the classic. These are great because Peter Spanton created them for the non-drinker, he quit and was sick of going out and having no decent non-alcoholic options, sound familiar?


Square Root

Available from Craved and local stockists throughout London, £1.60 for 200ml.

Our favourite London sodaristas also make a range of tonics. Cinchona is fairly typical with quinine and lemon grass. Artemisia is more botanical with aniseed and lime flavours. And finally Hop Tonic, which is what it sounds like really, hops mixed with lemon juice to make a bitter lemon that is a great mixer but not really a tonic.


Bermondsey Tonic Water

Find a list of where to buy here £1.30 for 200ml

This all natural tonic is made in Bermondsey, south London. The Cinchona bark gives it a distinctive golden colour. It has a mild bitterness with a hint of citrus, something you could happily drink on it’s own.

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